Houtong Waterfall – Jiaoxi Township

Only during rainy season can visitors observe the beauty of the 6 meters wide and 25 meters high waterfall.

Visitors can enjoy the quiet and peaceful scenery here. Climbing up the steep cliff and standing at the rock on the top of the waterfall, you can see Turtle Island from afar. Traveling further into the valley at the upstream of the waterfall, you can see weathered grottos and feel that you are in a water curtain cave. As crossing the rocks and climbing up the cliff is difficult and dangerous, but the beautiful scenery at the top is worth giving it a try. There is a rumor saying that if lovers ascend Houtong Waterfall together, they will unit harmoniously and become a family. You may give it a try and prove if the rumor is true.

Baiyun village, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County Taiwán

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