Naning Fish Market – Su-ao Township, Yilan

Naning Fish Market is located between the first and second fishing ports, Nanning Fish Market is the major trading location for offshore-fishing boats in the second fishing port. If you are a gourmand craving for fresh seafood, the day’s fresh, unfrozen catch (hiān-lâu-á, in Taiwanese pronunciation) would be your best choice.
The peak times of Nanning Fish Market are 3 to 4 PM every afternoon. Fishing boats arrive at the port one after another for discharge and marketing of fish and seafood. Fishmongers and local restaurant owners are normally the traders in first hand seafood trading. Tourists can also purchase the seafood retail. For example, prices of seafood on the floor are usually determined by piles while that of high-value species are decided according to their weights.
The indoor area is a tourist fish market where superb fresh seafood is waiting for buyers. No matter you buy seafood or not, feeling the local atmosphere in Nanning Fish Market is very interesting: fishermen negotiate prices on the daily catch, their efforts of the day, with fishmongers to get the best deal while gourmands and tourists choose and purchase whatever seafood they want to take them home or to the adjacent restaurants for cooking and serving.

No. 185 Neipi Road, Su-ao Township, Yilan 27043, Taiwan

Opening hours: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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