Red Lantern Chinese Restaurant – Silks Place Yilan

Red Lantern Chinese restaurant is located in Silks Place Yilan Hotel on the sixth floor of Luna Plaza in Yilan County. The restaurant’s red retro-style Chinese decor creates a festive, yet elegant ambience. Red Lantern Chinese restaurant topped the “Top Taiwan Roast Duck Restaurants” list on the website. Its original cherry roast duck is prepared in five creative ways and combined with Yilan’s local ingredient, Sanxing spring onion. It’s an addictive delicacy with a taste that lingers in your mouth. To allow diners to fully enjoy the crispy and juicy roast duck as soon as it’s served, the restaurant designates a chef to serve each table, giving diners the opportunity to see the chef’s duck carving skills in action. The restaurant also serves chef’s signature dishes such as duck oil mapo tofu and special desserts. It’s an excellent venue for a family dinner. The restaurant only offers set menus on holidays and does not accept à la carte orders. Booking a table in advance is recommended to avoid crowds.

Address: No. 36, Minquan Rd., Sec. 2, Yilan City, Taiwan
Tel: +886-3-910-1011

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